How to Root Galaxy S7 Edge without wiping data to obtain a Physical Extraction

These instructions will show you how you can root your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, without the need to wipe the data. Once rooted we can use UFED 4PC to obtain a Physical Extraction of the device to recovery deleted data. 

tl;dr: Install SuperSU & No Encrypt from an SDcard using TWRP, rather than the onboard storage which requires wiping the device.

For an un-encrypted device and when you have the Pin code.

Samsung galaxy S7 Edge Physical extraction

My Disclaimer:
You follow these instructions under your own risk. This is a potentially destructive method for both the device (it could brick) and the data. Ensure you have appropriate authority approval before attempting this method. I do not take any responsibility for any damage you may cause to devices/exhibits. This is not a perfect guide and should be used only as guide. This method has worked for me on the 06.11.2016 with these variables:
Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G935F (Normal and Edge Exynos versions only)
Android 6.0.1
Kernel 3.18.14-888212
KNOX 2.6
Android Secuirty patch level
1 August 2016
Not Encrypted

The method requires changing some developer options and thus you need a pin code! Therefore, you may be wondering what’s the point, if you already have access to the device. This method allows you to obtain a full physical read of the device and therefore recover deleted data.

Now that’s out of the way let’s begin.  

1. What you need

2. Install Samsung Drivers

With SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_1.5.61.0.exe

3. OEM Unlock

On the device, enable Developer Options (by tapping build number 7 times) and selecting OEM unlock in the developer options. 
This removes the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) and allows flashing. Failing to do so can brick the handset!

4. Copy files to Micro SD card

Copy the and files to the micro SD card then insert the card into the phone and then power it off.

5. Download Mode

Place the device into Download Mode by powering it on while holding:
Volume DOWN + Home Button + Power Button

When you get to the "Download Mode" confirmation screen press Volume UP to accept.

6. Odin and TWRP

Connect the device to your workstation
Run Odin3_v3.12.3.exe

Odin3_v3.12.3.exe has five boxes to add files to flash to the phone. Choose the "AP" and load the TWRP file in.

**Should the handset freeze, you need to press and hold Volume UP + Volume Down + Home + Power buttons for a few seconds until handset reboots**

Press start.

Be READY! This will flash TWRP to the phone. When the phone restarts, press:

Volume UP + Home button + Power button

7. Install Files 

You'll now be in TWRP "Swipe to allow modifications"

Tap 'Install'

"Select Storage" and “Micro SD" card then “OK”

Tap no-verify-opt-encrypt to install it. Then in the confirmation page "Swipe to confirm flash" (This will decrypt the protected area)

Press back then tap on the SuperSU app to install it and "Swipe to confirm flash"

The device is now rooted!
Both installations will give the error "Failed to mount '/data' (Invalid argument)" before saying "...done" ignore this, it will have been successful.

Back up to the mainpage and tap Reboot.

8. SuperSU

Upon reboot open up the SuperSU app we've installed. If there are no errors presented, that means your root is successful! 

9. Physical Extraction

 You can now obtain a Physical Extraction using ADB with Cellebrite UFED 4PC Version 6.+
(Make sure you remove the Micro SD card before extracting)

There you go. That’s how I root Galaxy s7 Edges. This has been done on 3 S7s using this method, each time has been successful and nothing’s been bricked (yet!).
Tip: While Extracting ignore the "Allow access to device Data" MTP connection request. Don't press Deny or Allow. 

Thanks for reading, if you’ve noticed anything wrong or have any improvements, I’m very happy to hear them!


  1. Hello sir.

    Did u tested it on andrpid 7 too?

    I tried many times on different Samsung Gal.S7 Edge/noEdge devices. Everytime when i confirmed modifications in twrp i got 0bytes in data and internal storage.

  2. Unfortunately, I haven't tried it. Although I have read in other forums ( that this method does not work with 7.0+. Thanks for your comment though.

    1. ahh k. Thanks for the fast reply. I asked cuz i deleted some evidence on some S7Edges :) the last 3 to 4 times.. *oops*.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thanks for sharing such useful information for someone who want to root Galaxy S7 Edge mobile.Have a look to Refurbished Samsung Galaxy s7 Deals in order to buy the best one.

  5. um wait do i install the drivers on my phone or my pc

  6. is it possible to root without wiping data for android 8.0?


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